The Collected Webspinner

The Collected Webspinner, by Jeff Peters  is a collection of columns on HTML and the World Wide Web.

The Collected Webspinner

Do You Want to Build a Web Page?

The tools that are available to create web pages today are legion. Most make our lives easier by working just like a word processor, hiding all the "techie stuff" behind the scenes. Anybody can build a web page, plain and simple.

But what's going on in that file with the .html extension?

In 1999 and 2000, Mr. Peters wrote a series of columns title The Webspinner. They were designed to teach the uninitiated about HTML and web page construction, and provide information that computer user group members would be interested in as well. This book is that series of articles, collected and updated for 2005.
If you want to build a web page, and want to know how it really works, this book will answer your questions while walking with you through the exploration of HTML and the Web.

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Reviews of Mr. Peters' Work

“All in all this is a hard one to beat” - Carl Burn
“I have enjoyed [the book] immensely” - Ken Rogers
“Excellent. A must read” - Perry Woodin
“Excellent, well-written” - Hal Helms
“I like Jeff's clear and relaxed style and I've found his books to be a great read.” - Sean Corfield