What's New in Fusebox 4.1

What's New in Fusebox 4.1, by Jeff Peters  is a quick-reference guide to the new features in version 4.1 of the Fusebox web application development framework, and the Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP).

What's New in Fusebox 4.1

If you already have Fusebox 4 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications and you just want to know what's new in the 4.1 release of Fusebox, this is the reference you need. Its wire binding allows it to lay flat for easy reference while working, and each of the new features is addressed with a code sample and a discussion of "What's It Mean to Me?". This indispensable little book continues the Proton Arts tradition of focused, affordable resources for programmers. Read it in an afternoon; use it for a career.

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If you purchased this title before February 23, 2005, you'll want to look at the correction to pages 22-23.

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"...it's a bargain that every Fuseboxer should rush to put on their shelf! Or better yet, right by their keyboard!" - Sean Corfield

Reviews of Mr. Peters' Work

“All in all this is a hard one to beat” - Carl Burn
“I have enjoyed [the book] immensely” - Ken Rogers
“Excellent. A must read” - Perry Woodin
“Excellent, well-written” - Hal Helms
“I like Jeff's clear and relaxed style and I've found his books to be a great read.” - Sean Corfield