What is Technical Artistry?

The talent applied by technical practictitioners to their work.  Proton Arts believes that there is art in every creative effort, even the most technically oriented.  To that end, we publish books that are technically oriented, but encourage the artist in us all.

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Our Current Catalog

Writer's Armory

The Writer's Armory imprint is a collection of guides for writers who don't write for a living. They are designed primarily to help technically-minded people communicate their ideas in written form. The motto of Writer's Armory is “the pen is mightier than the sword--IF it is properly sharpened”.

We believe there are many writers out there nurturing their ideas for projects that need to be written, afraid to get started for fear of some relatively small aspect of writing that has plagued them, probably since childhood. Writing seems to be something like public speaking:  some people have a natural gift for it, but nearly everyone can do it effectively if given the proper training and equipment.  Writer's Armory is here to give you that training and equipment.