ColdFusion Lists, Arrays & Structures (3rd Ed)

We are proud to announce the availability of ColdFusion Lists, Arrays, and Structures (third edition), by Jeff Peters. This volume is the latest edition of Mr. Peters' highly-regarded reference work on CFML's complex datatypes. It includes all the material from the second edition, plus updates found in Adobe's ColdFusion 11--including all the new object methods for these datatypes. New materials and examples add up to 50 pages of new content.

ColdFusion Lists, Arrays, and Structures (3rd Ed)

ColdFusion Lists, Arrays, and Structures provides an in-depth examination of these important complex data types. It offers a wealth of examples and ideas for both the novice programmer and the ColdFusion expert. Concise, direct, and well-illustrated, it's a must for every CF developer's reference library.

What's The Big Deal?

Why buy another ColdFusion language reference? Because ColdFusion Lists, Arrays, and Structures answers the questions that Macromedia's documentation doesn't. For example, what happens if a particular function receives unexpected data? Does it throw an error, or successfully provide an unexpected result? If you don't know the answer, you can find it here. Don't settle for doing things The Way We've Always Done It; get the information you need to be the innovator on your development team.

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You can download the code examples from the book here.

What People Are Saying

"...this book is highly recommended, and if you are serious about CFML development then the less-than-$20 cover price is easily justified." - Ben Forta

"This book made me understand, in one afternoon, a subject that had been clear as mud." - John Beynon

Reviews of Mr. Peters' Work

“All in all this is a hard one to beat” - Carl Burn
“I have enjoyed [the book] immensely” - Ken Rogers
“Excellent. A must read” - Perry Woodin
“Excellent, well-written” - Hal Helms
“I like Jeff's clear and relaxed style and I've found his books to be a great read.” - Sean Corfield