ColdFusion XML Objects

ColdFusion XML Objects , by Jeff Peters  is a concise and complete reference to using XML, XPath and XSLT in CFML.

ColdFusion XML Objects

ColdFusion XML Objects goes through the use of XML in CFML programs, from creating XML data to consuming it, referencing it, and mining it. Learn how to use XSL transformations to turn XML datasets into useful information. And if you're a Fuseboxer, there's even more
in store!

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What Folks Are Saying About It

"I have been dealing with XML now for a while, mainly Fusebox 4, but I never really 'got it'. Your book starts at the very beginning and gently introduces you to the whole subject. Read it in a day, following the exercises to on the PC. I was very impressed how my poor brain absorbed this subject using your book. Thanks." - Stephen Barton

Reviews of Mr. Peters' Work

“All in all this is a hard one to beat” - Carl Burn
“I have enjoyed [the book] immensely” - Ken Rogers
“Excellent. A must read” - Perry Woodin
“Excellent, well-written” - Hal Helms
“I like Jeff's clear and relaxed style and I've found his books to be a great read.” - Sean Corfield