Fusebox 5 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications

Fusebox 5 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications, by Jeff Peters  provides the most current and complete reference available for the Fusebox web application development framework, and the Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP).

Fusebox 5 & FLiP

If you're looking for a Fusebox 5 reference that gives you the low-down on the Fusebox core, the FLiP process, and even includes a complete sample application development,  Fusebox 5 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications is the one book that has it all.  It's almost 500 pages of Fusebox gold, waiting to be mined. From the first introductory page to the sections on Fusebox concepts, the Fusebox core, and the Fusebox Lifecycle process; to the concise appendices; to the complete topical index and index of illustrations; you'll find just what you're looking for in Fusebox 5 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications.

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Map of PurchasersFusebox 5 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications is in, or on the way to, the hands of ColdFusion developers in the following locations:

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Reviews of Mr. Peters' Work

“All in all this is a hard one to beat” - Carl Burn
“I have enjoyed [the book] immensely” - Ken Rogers
“Excellent. A must read” - Perry Woodin
“Excellent, well-written” - Hal Helms
“I like Jeff's clear and relaxed style and I've found his books to be a great read.” - Sean Corfield